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Best lawyers in town!

Ben Zielke

Thank you Nelson for all of your hard work. Highly recommended.

R. Joshua Eddie

Responsive, very competent in real estate and competitive

David Matley

Excellent customer service! Highly recommend their services for real estate and personal injury.

Doug Smith

Incredible team of lawyers with an excellent and helpful staff members.

Juan Torrealba

Why is BMW so successful? Their attention to detail. Same could be said about Nelson

andy vu

I did real estate deal with this lawyers office. They were very through and on time. Very Reasonable rate too.

S Sirrs

Nelson and his team know how to take care of their clients. All my clients go to Nelson now.

Umair Lasi

They are amazing at what they do. Nelson will make sure that you get the best settlement that you deserve

Lea Bediako

This team is not your average group of lawyers. I was first introduced to Nelson when buying my first home and he made the legal process seemless, soon after I was in a car accident that I would soon find out would leave me with medical issues for years to come - this lead me to turn to him for support. To find a lawyer that walks, guides and mentors you through the entire process while GENUINELY being invested in your personal health seems few and far in between; putting you through to the best doctors, consistent check ups and "just in case" scenerios - but his personal approach made the experience much less difficult than if I were to handle it on my own and it felt as though a friend were representing me. In the end he got me back to good health and more than a fair return. Thanks Ford Nelson lawyers, I will always come to your office should I need any legal support

Jaszmina Cookhouse

Nelson helped me with my real estate deal, everything went very smoothly. Would definitely recommend!

Kyle Blanchard

Nelson was very professional, understanding, informative and knowledgeable lawyer. He takes the time to explain the process in details. I am impressed with this law firm and would highly recommend to anyone involved in accident.


I want to acknowledge my attorney Mr. Nelson Osamudiamen for his professionalism while handling my litigation. Mr. Nelson provided excellent advice, communication and follow ups. From the very start, he was very upfront and realistic regarding the situation and expectations, very diligently explained the situation in detail to me and answered all of my questions.

It was truly a pleasure working with you and the team. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend Ford Nelson Law firm, particularly Mr. Nelson Osamudiamen if you’re in need of a good and reputable law firm.

Salena Gill

It's clear on how business is conducted, they give very good advice as lawyers.

Natasha Micah